Here is a new poem that I just wrote for Rachel Miner:

I am art, a poem for Rachel Miner by Tracy Diane Miller
I began my life
A blank canvas
Open and free
Life is the artist
Experiences create me
The hues of my journey
Don’t need to rush
Each moment provides the textures
From an honest brush
I am art
What do you see
As you look at me
Not a Picasso
Not a Monet
You see me
I am art
My voice is unique
I have much to say
I am art
A landscape
A still life
A portrait
I will be
What I need to be
Look at me
What do you see
It is courage
That captures your stare
I am hope
In your despair
I am art
There is but one me
Gratefully unique
I am art
No longer lost
Maybe never lost
The blessings I have found
I am art
Created by courage
Those hues of resiliency
Were always around