One year ago today, September 17, 2015, I met Mike on Twitter. Our friendship began over our mutual love for Nicki Aycox’s music. Since that time, I have felt blessed & inspired by the purity of Mike’s heart. He is compassionate & kind. He is beautifully genteel, a breath of fresh air in a world that doesn’t often appreciate such admirable qualities.

I wrote this song to celebrate our 1 year Twitter anniversary:

Survivor, a song for Mike by Tracy Diane Miller

How often had I stood
On a lonely shore
Tortured by my solitude
My heart was seeking more
A survivor can be bitter
A castaway on an endless path
Pain is a companion
Screams so full of wrath
In the heart of Texas
There lived a favorite son
Cyberspace the new frontier
Towards a friendship to begun
These survivors found the music
From an angel’s voice
When Nicki Aycox shared her secret
Music was a survivor’s choice
Mike is the southern gentleman
So kind hearted was he
Tracy is the cynic
Doubtful that joy was hers to see
Two survivors of life
From each other a friendship to last awhile
A special seed of friendship
Feeding on a smile