Kindred spirits born to last, a poem for Mike by Tracy Diane Miller
Across cyberspace
Where music came to be
My heart was awakened
And hope found me

My Secret revealed
A quest to be healed
Footsteps unheard
Carry much weight
Friendship is the smoothest gait

Kindred spirits
Born to last
Memories savored
From the past
There was pain for sure
But a soul is born to endure

I am me
You are you
Friends we are
To see each other through

Life is a mystery
A surprising plot
But I now know
What it is not

You are my angel
With humor and a smile
You have given me hope
To last awhile

Across cyberspace
Where music came to be
Eyes wide open
So grateful to see
Like the most precious art
Mike has become
Family in my heart