This poem is my creative response to a person who expressed unusual concern over why my social media accounts never include my rants about things that upset or annoy me like “normal” people. Yes, the person used the word normal. I was never one to follow the masses, not when I was young, so I have no intention of doing so at 51 years old. So, I’ll continue with my abnormal, non ranting, poetic self.

Why I can’t rant, a poem by Tracy Diane Miller

Why I can’t rant
People would ask
Ranting for me
Is an impossible task

For others
A rant serves as an emotional release
Yet for me
A rant would give me no peace

When I am in the most pain
I discovered
That by writing poetry
Is how I gain

If I can look
Outside of me
Creativity is the place
I would prefer to be

The state of politics
On social media I will never discuss
If I see negativity
Why make a fuss

I would rather focus my concern
For spreading positivity
I have learned
Is the diet I will happily feed
Positivity is what I always need

A rant
Is not the best use of my time
My Muse remains busy
Focused on a rhyme

I will celebrate those people I care about
With a poem I write
For that is what gives my heart
The greatest delight

I will weave poetry
To comfort those in despair
For that is how I show
How much I care