I think there is a fallacy to believing that just because someone finds the strength to encourage & to think of others, they aren’t hurting themselves. Instead, they write poetry.

I wrote this poem for me. Because I often need something to hold on to.

I write poetry, a poem by Tracy Diane Miller
I write poetry
I celebrate others
With the words
I seek
A poem so born
Is always unique

I write poetry
I want to comfort others
Each person
Each life
Has a story of pain
If only all sorrow could be washed away
By a generous rain

I would never presume
That a poem
Can conquer societal ills
For even a well meaning verse
Lacks that skill

Yet I believe
That there is something powerful
In words emanating from a fractured heart
To heal through compassionate words
Is a forgotten art

Words become images
Language is art
Still if I retreat
Still if I am silent
I will let a poem
Be that mirror
To reflect my heart