You are a gift from Heaven, a birthday poem for @RobBenedict by Tracy Diane Miller
Are those whispers
Singing within the clouds
Expressions of joy
Heard out loud
For there is a Muse
Poised to convey
Poetic whispers
An aria of appreciation for your birthday
Your film and television imprint
A pleasure to see
Those memories of you
On Felicity
Then you traveled
A road so far
To Supernatural
A favorite guest star
As Chuck Shurley
A prophet of the Lord
You enriched the mythology
When you came onboard
That was way back in Season 4
It was love at first sight
For Supernatural fans
It is you we adore
In Season 11
A revelation came
When Chuck Shurley got a new name
You undertook a big feat
As God
With a sister
Amara to meet
God and The Darkness
Sibling rivalry at its best
Later the pain was healed
So Chuck and Amara
Were off on a new quest
Off screen you thrill fans
Who cherish the music of Louden Swain
An amazing band
A loving relationship between musical artist and fans occur
Songs like She Waits
In our hearts will stir
I am but a poet
I have never met you
Through this verse
May my admiration shine through
From my soul
The rhythm I write
Is a poem for you
I pray it will delight
My very best wishes
I want to convey
As you enjoy a wonderful birthday