I just wrote this new poem in honor of Arlene Wicks Allen & Scott Allen’s anniversary. I’m thinking of you today, Arlene:

#poetry #amwriting Emotions ebb & flow, an anniversary poem for Arlene Wicks Allen & Scott Allen by Tracy Diane Miller

Emotions ebb and flow
A love that will always grow
My heart speaks
My heart sees
The beautiful memories of you and me
Of a special day
When our souls were joined
In a fundamental way
I see your smile
I feel your love
So bittersweet
In the quiet of the moment
Your touch
Is my lifeline
I will always love you very much
The tears I continue to shed
To face the years ahead
For I will never understand
Why Fate sent you to Heaven
To live as an angel
To hold Paradise’s hand
The breeze to kiss my face
Is your kiss of love
I so desperately embrace
I will always have faith
In the power of our love
Happy Anniversary
My Dearest Scott
My Angel in Heaven above