Why I write poetry, Part 2 by Tracy Diane Miller

I’ve been asked “why do you write poetry for people who won’t ever see it?” I suspect that this question is regarding all of the poems that I write for actors’ birthdays when the odds are that they will never read my words. Yet, my response is always the same: I write poetry for people that I care about.

In an ideal situation, everyone for whom I have ever written a poem for would see this gift from my heart. But just because a recipient doesn’t see what I’ve written for him or her doesn’t minimize how much I care.

I write between 6 & 10 new poems everyday. My poetry celebrates milestones in people’s lives (birthdays, anniversaries, new jobs, etc). I write poetry to honor the memories of people who have passed away. I write poetry to comfort. I write poetry to let someone know that I’m thinking about them.

When I leave this world, I would want people to know that despite any sorrow in my life, despite any bad days that I was experiencing, I tried to uplift someone else through the poetry that I wrote for them.

I couldn’t ask for a better legacy than that.