#poetry #amwriting This is Us in verse, a poem by Tracy Diane Miller

Listen television viewers
Let your heart take an emotional quest
A journey towards a dramatic best
Well-written and well-acted
It is true
This is Us is the show for you

A group of people
Their birthdays they share
Each one has a personal story of despair
Yet how are they connected
By destiny
Just keep watching and you will see

It is Jack’s birthday
He is 36
His very pregnant wife Rebecca
Ready to deliver triplets into the family mix
Yet Fate is unspeakably cruel
What reason could their be
When one of their babies dies
Heartbreaking to see

Randall is 36
His professional success would amaze
A search for the father who abandoned him as a baby
Did occupy his days
Randall was left at a fire station as a baby
His father didn’t forget
Later when Randall met his dying father
The man seemed full of regret

Kate is 36
Her struggle is to lose the weight
Kevin is her twin brother
An actor on the television show The Manny
Alas Kevin is disheartened and suffers a meltdown
Because The Manny is not that great

This is Us
A premiere episode full of twists and turns
So stay tuned all season
So much for you to learn