#poetry #amwriting #AKF  .Scars are strength, a poem for @DonnaY1legwondr by Tracy Diane Miller
I have many scars
Some you cannot see
My scars are not my imperfections
But they are the strength that define me
I have made mistakes
My life has had much sorrow
Yet the scars to remind me of my errors
Also serve as my strength for today and tomorrow
Compassion doesn’t not look towards perfection
Compassion often is found in the face of a scar
To want to give your voice to help others
Is a testament of coming so far
That me of yesteryear
That me that fought my fear
That me that didn’t see my scars
As my strength that remained so near
The past has its agenda
The past can be a mystery
For how can one celebrate the present
When they fail to acknowledge their personal history
I have many scars
Life can be rough
But scars are my strength
The proof that I am Enough