#poetry #amwriting #1000Miles Silent hearts have so much to say, a poem for @MandyRowden by Tracy Diane Miller
Through the tears
Through the sorrow
Through the moments until tomorrow
There are sounds my soul will seek
There are words I’m desperate to speak
Yet my heart stays silent
Why must my heart stay silent
When I constant feel
So many emotions long to reveal
Silent hearts have much to say
Emotions dressed in songs or wrapped in poems
Bring hope every day
To feast on silence
To endure my pain
To cleanse my soul
With the gift of rain
Silent hearts have much to say
A song or a poem
A Muse will convey
That part of me
Behind a wall
Carefully guarded
Afraid to fall
A song or a poem
Is how I will allow you to see me
Silent hearts will speak
Finally I am free