Happy Birthday, Danielle Desmond ! I just wrote this birthday poem for you. I know that you are missing your mother today. But she is watching over you in Heaven. I imagine that she is giving you a loving reminder not to forget to celebrate you.

#poetry #amwriting Don’t forget to celebrate you, a birthday poem for Danielle Desmond by Tracy Diane Miller

If you could imagine
The hues of the most beautiful of skies
Those colors of perfection
Full of bliss is the reason why
Not even a single cloud
Would dare to come your way
An agreement made in Heaven
To celebrate you on your birthday
Alas for you
Sadness may sing a refrain
Internally you fight
To capture that fleeting moment
To fill your heart with delight
Your spirit becomes heavy
Sorrow carries weight
Melancholy comes to visit
An invitation would not wait
The clouds come roaring by
To interfere with your bliss
Your thoughts of that wonderful smile
And of the mother you so desperately miss
In Heaven she is watching
Her love for you stays true
Her heart will always reach you
She will always remind you
Don’t forget to celebrate you
Your mother is that shadow
In your day to give you hope
Whenever your heart is at its heaviest
And you fear you can’t cope
Of the ghosts of birthdays past
When your face harbored a smile
Don’t forget to celebrate you
And experience joy to last awhile
Inside you may feel lonely
Will loneliness move from day into the night
But to remember to celebrate you on your birthday
Is how you set things right
Others are thinking of you
For your birthday they want the best
They want you to abandon any doubt
And put lingering sorrow to its rest
Your mother is watching and loving you
From Heaven you understand
Don’t forget to celebrate you
Is her plea and she will lend her hand
A feeling of calm
Will overtake your heart
A mother’s love is unbreakable
She never truly departs
Deny the tears and the sorrow
For sadness you didn’t invite
Only claim the joy
On your birthday that is your right
Don’t forget to celebrate you
May my poem clearly convey
For I am thinking of you
Wishing you the very best on your birthday