@DonnaYlegwondr has a story of rising above life’s challenges. She acknowledges & accepts her mistakes with humility. Rather than throw hate into the world, she becomes a voice of hope & forgiveness. She champions the cause of others who may have lost their way, shining a light along their path.

Here is a new poem that I just wrote for @DonnaY1legwondr :

#poetry #amwriting   God will give you the words, a poem for @DonnaY1legwondr by Tracy Diane Miller

There is no clear map to follow
No clear path for your eyes to see
A slew of thorns marked your way
As sorrow came to be
You didn’t claim to be innocent
You own your mistakes
Still God’s hope lives inside of you
Positivity is what you make
To journey towards a place
To talk to people who society easily forgot
To fill them with hope
Hopelessness need not be their lot
God will give you the words
To convey what you need
With God giving you the words
You will always succeed