Here is a new poem that I just wrote for my mother:

#poetry #amwriting   For my mother, a poem
#inmemoryofmymother Arlene Miller by Tracy Diane Miller

Decades ago
In 1972
A little girl began writing poetry you see
That little girl of the past
She was me
Through the rhythm of words
A new world came to be
Her neighborhood outside
Ugly and violent
A terrible sight
Inside her heart
The words she would write
For her mother
For hero and her champion
For her mother who said poverty can be fought
Through faith in God and striving towards education
Her mother always taught
Her mother
This child of the Great Depression
Sacrifice was bred
The woman she became
Who looked ahead
Her children were her everything
Great things for them she conceived
Her never-ending confidence in them
Made them believe
The rhythm of a poem
Authentic and unspoiled
Told her story
And when in 2005 her soul left
To live in Heaven’s glory
Her beloved children remained behind
Courage the never-ending lessons
For broken hearts to find
Still a poem is the answer
For that child in 1972
For that woman that I am today
In the rhythm my voice I hear
Grateful for the memories
I will hold most dear