When I interviewed Nicki Aycox on September 30, 2016 for The Nerdy Girl Express, she told me that she was in the process of soundproofing her music room so that the competing background noises wouldn’t interfere with the mood that she desires for her songs. In typical Nicki Aycox fashion, she is prepared for the challenges and frustrations inherent in this tremendous undertaking. Nicki Aycox will succeed because she doesn’t give up!

Here is a new poem that I just wrote for Nicki Aycox:

#poetry #amwriting The soundproof room, a poem for @RealNickiAycox by Tracy Diane Miller
Trucks and cars and background noise around
To interfere with a song
The mood that lyrics and music have found
What is an obstacle but an unexpected discovery
Of the determination in your soul
Of the dreams meant to be
The soundproof room
Is a symbol of you
Of your unbreakable courage to see things through
The drywall
The dust on the floor
The hard work
For the masterpiece that is in store
The soundproof room
Alas background noise so destined to retreat
To awaken the rapturous beauty of the songs your heart will meet