#poetry #amwriting I see footprints, a poem for @RachelMiner1 by Tracy Diane Miller

I see footprints
So heavy and so burdened by sorrow
Steps that will not rest
Even as the sun awakes tomorrow
I see footprints
Can these imprints be proof of my steps
Badges of courage
In those moments where I have wept
I see footprints
So small that I worry they might disappear
And I might abandon my courage
And succumb to my fear
I see footprints
A kaleidoscope of memories
And faces painted with smiles
As they stare back at me
As they wait for me for quite awhile
I see footprints
I may not know what is at the end of the road
I may not know what lies ahead
I see footprints
Yet what I do know is that I won’t be afraid