#poetry #amwriting Timeless, a poem for @RealNickiAycox by Tracy Diane Miller
Is it true that we all belong to a time and place
A generation of experiences we handle with grace
Humanity with its desire to be unique
Chasing shadows full of the dreams we seek
But time has no goal to offend
Even as she rushes by with seeming disregard in the end
Yet time leaves behind many things
One of her enduring gifts is music
Everlasting joy it brings
Timeless music
Without wrinkles you see
Without inhibitions imposed upon me
I listen to the music that will never die
The music that will continue to stir my heart is why
I listen to Johnny
I listen to Charcoal Rain
My Secret
Never afraid to smile
At the realization that I have gained
For maybe I don’t belong to just one time or just one place
For within the arms of timeless music
I am forever embraced