Jim Beaver & Madeline Beaver asked for prayers for Samson, a member of their family injured in a motorcycle accident.

As I’ve done for decades, I let poetry serve as my voice. A poem for Samson is my prayer of healing and comfort for this family.

A prayer for Samson by Tracy Diane Miller

When a chapter of life is written by the hand of tragedy
When hearts become burdened by despair
The collective prayers of strangers
Becomes an endless source of care
Our voices may seem silent
Can Heaven hear us as we ask with our souls
To comfort and to heal
We wrap our thoughts in delivering well wishes
Through so difficult an ordeal
Faith is rooted in that which we cannot see
Faith is fed in that miracle which we will to be
A prayer for Samson
Becomes this poem that I write
For my Muse is also governed by Faith
In these words that she gives me tonight