#poetry #amwriting To be a twin, a poem for @stacyamiller85 by Tracy Diane Miller
To be a twin is the ABSOLUTE BEST THING that EVER happened to me. God guaranteed that I would have my best friend for life.

To Stacy, only you will ever know all we have been through together in this life. We love each other. We protect each other. We make each other better people.
To be a twin
A womb mate when my life did start
With endless devotion
I have you always in my heart
To share DNA
To share a face
To find gratitude
In the simplest place
To be a twin
Peer pressure was never a concern
How could it be
With you as my best friend
The best gift I earned
Fate wasn’t cruel
How could she be
When to be a twin
Is that splendor I see
That splendor in the language of twins
That splendor in the dreams we have shared
To lean on each other in our times of despair
That splendor in the words unsaid
To be a twin
To never truly travel your life alone
Is to find the courage to not be afraid