To all of the authors who fill my heart with joy through the power of your imagination & the gift of your words, I thank you!
Why do I read books, a poem for the authors who inspire a book reviewer by Tracy Diane Miller
I have lived a half of century
I don’t wonder why
I can find such joy in books
This truth comes as no surprise
For if I’m very quiet
The sound I have heard
Is that of my pulsating heart
Savoring every word
For reading will comfort me
Words have this soothing power
To speak to me in a lonely state
Bringing joy in even my darkest hour
To Lisa N. Edwards
I’ve learned you Can’t Fight Fate
I have no regret in Chasing Butterflies
Seed of the Sunflower
A book I knew would be great
The wonder of Lisa’s writing
The splendor for readers to see
Her characters are both strong and flawed
They reflect both you and me
Of Nikki
Of Siobhan
Of Calvin and CJ
This trilogy made my day
I will not offer spoilers
Just read Lisa’s amazing books is all I will say
To Tracie Banister
Where might I begin
With Twin Piques
The story of Willa and Sloane
Chick Lit for the win
Of Pilar
Of Miami
Of Izzy
Clients and family drama abound
In Need of Therapy is incredible
A great book to be found
Blame It On The Fame
An Oscar race frames the tale
With competing Best Actress nominees
Just read Tracie’s book to see who will prevail
My favorite book is Mixing It Up
A wonderful new release
Cecily Sinclair is a Cordon Bleu trained chef
But with egomaniac chef Dante Marchetti in her kitchen
Cecily will find no peace
What about Vivian Brooks
Who wrote All Because of You
Listen while I tell
I’ll give you a clue
Vivian Brooks is a pen name
She and Nikki LeClair are one in the same
I fell in love with Haunting Me
A cozy mystery at the top of its game
Phoebe Mercer and Edie Edwards
An odd couple you may ask
Phoebe was a legal assistant
Edie is a ghost who gave Phoebe a task
A desperate search for a missing will
Of a stately mansion and betrayal
Haunting Me has everything
An incredibly suspenseful tale
Now Phoebe runs Lavish Looks
She is a novice as CEO
Locking Up Santa is the Haunting Me sequel
A delight for readers to know
If you think Edie was hilarious
Then wait until you read Nikki’s second book
So many suspense threads to unravel
Wrapped around a revenge plot is all it took
To Jena C. Henry
Why can’t we see the world
Through Charli McAntic’s eyes
Gratitude gives peace of mind
Retirement isn’t the end of the road
A new life exists for you to find
The thing about Jena C. Henry
Her writing boasts a comfortable flow
Life may be a series of ups and down
So “pressing on” is how you grow
The Golden Age of Charli
A book series I will recommend
So get to know Charli
She is certain to become a reader’s friend
To Kendra L. Saunders
Dating An Alien Pop Star
A look at intrigue and romance
Where a music lover named Daisy
Gave an alien prince from another planet named Griffin a chance
In the language of love
A heart will have its due
When two people come together
To give each other strength
Through adversity
They will make it through
Why do I read books
The answer is very simple you see
Books hold the key to emotion
A discovery destined to be
For in an author’s mind
Where imagination is their generous seed
Of characters and plot
The stories that will thrive
The words that feed the images
Allowing them to vividly come alive
Why do I read books
Why do I consider it a privilege for books I can review
Books hold no judgment
Books embrace the reader
A purity of purpose that is always true