Why I like being 51 years old by Tracy Diane Miller

People always say to me, “I think it’s weird that you have no problem telling your age.” Personally, I fault societal taboos with its youth obsessed culture that often forces mature women to do “creative math” (aka hide their real age). In the entertainment industry in particular, directors and producers have an inherent bias towards older actresses, perhaps viewing them as relevant as an black and white television sporting antennae.

So, I decided to list my reasons why I like being 51 years old:

1. I spent nearly 30 years in the legal profession. Now I live my dream every day as a full-time writer. There is not one moment that I will ever take this for granted.

2. My creativity is better than it has ever been. When I was in both college & law school in the 1980s, I considered myself a creative person. In addition to writing an incredible amount of research papers, I still wrote poetry & stories. Flash forward 30 years later: My Muse is EXTREMELY GENEROUS. I write poetry daily. I write book reviews. I write articles for a number of platforms.

3. While I suffer from anxiety & depression, I suppose the trade-off is that my physical health is outstanding.

4. I enjoy my alone time. Okay, I was actually like this even when I was in my twenties. I appreciate close relationships, but I NEVER considered myself a social person. I will happily go into a restaurant or to the mall alone. I’m an enigma, I suppose. Technically, I’m an extrovert. I’ve never been shy. But I don’t seek out group activities.

5. My long term memory is still incredible. I remember things that I learned in the 1970s & 1980s quite vividly. I recall dates & what I was doing on a day in, for example, 1987 (my FAVORITE YEAR!) very easily.The volume of data prowling around my brain even surprises me.

6. I express gratitude for the smallest things. I used to think of myself as a grateful person, but I realize that I took things for granted. In my rush towards the future, I bypassed the small moments that mattered. I don’t do that anymore.

7. I try to show people how much I care about them. My mother used to say that she never understood people who never showed family or friends the depths of their love, yet, when that person passed away, there was a deluge of tears. At 51 years old, I try to show everyone who has made a difference in my life how they matter to me.

8. I follow my instincts. Okay, I’ve messed up on this one a few times in recent memory. Now I make it a point to stay away from toxic people or situations. Life is too short to gravitate towards that which will hurt you. Thankfully, the world offers endless potential to find those people or situations that enrich you.