Here is a new poem that I just wrote for Lee Rumohr  & Heidi Rumohr . Congrats on the birth of your baby.

Welcome to the world, Easton Lee, a poem by Tracy Diane Miller

God bless the baby
Created from his parents’ love
The most precious gift
From Heaven above
As the sun and the moon
Offer a generous light
To guide his steps
Both day and night
Welcome to the world, Easton Lee
You are loved and cherished
Wrapped in the best yet to be
Each day you are destined to know
Nurtured by your mommy and daddy as you grow
Good health and happiness
May they always be your lot
Adored by so many
Never to be forgot
Welcome to the world, Easton Lee
My Muse has smiled
As this poem came to be
With the warmest of wishes
Conceived in a rhyme
With joy in your heart
Through the passage of time