For your consideration: Please help @erinwise82 keep her eye sight by Tracy Diane Miller
We take alot for granted. Our eyesight is such a gift and I think that alot of us (myself included) don’t often acknowledge how marvelous it is to wake up and see the world around us. We sympathize with people who are born blind and may wonder how it must feel to solely rely on the images we create in our minds and hearts.

Being born blind is terrible. But losing your sight after living in a seeing world most of your life is devastating.

Erin is one of the co-founders of The Nerdy Girl Express. While this online publication doesn’t have the name recognition of some of the others that are on the Internet, the Nerdy Girl Express writing team love what they do and are grateful for reader support. The strength of the Nerdy Girl Express is based to a great extent on the creative vision of co-founders Erin, Erica and Katherine. These extraordinarily compassionate, creative and loving women are the lifeblood of the Nerdy Girl Express.

For those of you who know Erin, she showers social media with humor and positivity. But beyond her beautiful heart is a woman facing a very real crisis. Erin is a single mother of two children who is in danger of losing her eye sight.

A Go Fund Me Campaign has been set up to help Erin have the surgery to prevent her vision loss. Please spread the word about this campaign (by tweeting the campaign link) and if you’re able, please consider donating.

I’m not naive to think that there won’t be some people who are against these kinds of campaigns. You certainly have the right to your opinion. What I would ask, though, is to PLEASE NOT SEND ERIN HATE ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Imagine how difficult it must be to bare your soul about something so deeply personal and so devastating. If you are a strong opponent of Go Fund Me Campaigns, IGNORE THIS BLOG POST and the campaign.
For those of you who choose to help Erin by donating and/or spreading the word, I thank you SO MUCH!