#poetry #amwriting The rhythm of hope, a birthday poem for @AllaLuvalla by Tracy Diane Miller

The moon makes no promises
The clouds do weep
The sun shines her rays
Her brilliance to keep
The rhythm of hope
Strong as a heartbeat
The sound of courage
Won’t accept defeat
As a performer
You spoke the language of dance
As a performer
The characters you portrayed despite their struggles
Gave hope a chance
You spoke through the language communicated by your eyes
Your countless fans
Should come as no surprise
A poet who has followed your acting for so many years
The characters you crafted through your talent
So endure and so endear
A Muse will resolve
With words she will thread
A poem so born
To journey ahead
With my heartfelt emotions
With joy I convey
My very best wishes to you Alla
As you celebrate your birthday