Here is a new poem that I just wrote in honor of Samantha Ferris’ birthday

#poetry #amwriting I promise, a birthday poem for @samanthajferris

Each day
You find a way
To shed hope through your words
Life’s struggles you have found the strength to strive
And through your acting talent
The characters that you have portrayed have come alive
If my Muse
So cautious in the words that she weaves
Would make you a promise
That I may share
That you may believe
I promise
To see the possibilities born from each day
To cherish the moments
Before they fade away
I promise
To stand tall
To rise again
Each time that I fall
I promise
To let my eyes see
The hope in the future
That may come to be
And will you promise
To have faith in you
To recognize all the good that you continue to do
And will the heavens promise
To bring joy your way
A light to shine into your heart
As you celebrate your birthday