@sleepingkoala45 Arlene Allen dresses her words in compassion, humor & intelligence by Tracy Diane Miller
I often wonder how I, as an extremely anti-social person, ended up on social media.

My answer: God wanted me to meet and get to know some inspirational people. One such person is Arlene Allen.

I first met Arlene Allen on Twitter when she and I were colleagues on an online publication. Although I no longer write for this particular publication, I consider Arlene a wonderful friend, gifted writer and inspirational lady. She is a woman who demonstrates remarkable grace in the face of unspeakable tragedy. Rather than wrap her social media account in a malaise, Arlene gives readers book reviews, music reviews and original articles that spark: Her words are dressed in compassion, humor and intelligence. She is a joy to read. She is a joy to know.