How did I ever end up on social media by Tracy Diane Miller

After the election results last night, I continue asking myself the question, how did I ever end up on social media? No, this post is not going to be a discussion of politics or an indictment against the American electoral process. I don’t discuss politics publicly. You won’t see any political references lurking on my Twitter or Facebook accounts. I adopted this personal policy more than 30 years ago, long before the Internet, not to discuss politics. I have absolutely no desire to change it.

This morning, I was bombarded with requests to write a poem about the election as a means of healing. I declined. These requests for me,rank up there with the requests asking me to write “Black” poetry (whenever there is a racial issue in the news) for which I also decline. My poetry is and will remain color blind.

It is so bizarre to me that I am on social media because I am not a social person. I am not a people person. I don’t go into situations desiring to be part of the in crowd or get excited about the notion of hanging out with people. The number of people that I follow on social media is quite small. I am the woman who will happily go into a restaurant to eat alone. As long as I have my digital recorder and I can write, I will gratefully go into “Tracy’s world” and weave words for hours.

I cringe when I see my name on group tweets or tags. A few of you know of my displeasure about this or will notice that I don’t respond to group tweets, but will reply to the sender as an individual. I will make this preference publicly now: PLEASE DO NOT PUT MY NAME ON GROUP TAGS OR POSTS. You might be saying to yourself, but didn’t you used to do that group #FF thing on Twitter? Yes, I did. And yes, it was against my basic instinct. And yes, I avoided that little voice in my head that said, why are you doing a group #FF , Tracy? Are you NUTS?! This is an example of me seeking to subscribe to a social media “norm” that went against what I personally like. BIG MISTAKE on my part. I acknowledge that. And I acknowledge the heartache that it has caused me based on my own STUPIDITY. And yes, I totally regret that I did that. I understand the rationale for group #FF or group tags. And I don’t begrudge anyone’s love for doing them or group tags. I understand that the desire stems from wanting to acknowledge a host of people in a time efficient matter. Or, maybe some people just enjoy group tweets. Nothing wrong with that if you enjoy it. I personally don’t. For the people who are aware of my aversion to group tweets & respect my wishes & not include me on group tweets, I thank you. For the people who are aware of my aversion to group tweets & yet still persist in including me on group tweets, I’m not sure what to say to you.

I’m not sure whether people even notice that I tend to write poems to individuals. I want to separately acknowledge people as individuals. I prefer not to lump people with the masses. Again, this is my personal preference. So, for anyone who feels in the mood to send me a hateful diatribe because I have now made my personal preference publicly known, don’t expect a response back from me because you won’t be getting one.

And for those of you who continue to send me hateful messages because I write poetry in honor of my dead mother, you will be ignored as well. I lost my mother 11 years ago. But she is in my heart always and will always inspire the words that I write.

Why am I, as an anti social person, even on social media? There is the question again. My answer: Because I want to focus on creative artistry. I am grateful for the actors, artists and authors whose work I feel privileged to have welcomed into my heart. One of the highlights of my day is when I am able to write a book review or poem to acknowledge a person who has brought joy to my life. I will ALWAYS champion and respect the courage of those who are capable of going inside of themselves to share a piece of their souls with others.

Here is a poem that I recently wrote for me. There is so much about myself that I reveal in this rhyme. I am very much aware that most people reading this poem won’t see the meaning behind my words. For those of you who have, I thank you:
A poem written by me for me & about me.

#poetry #amwriting Who will help the poet by Tracy Diane Miller

Who will help the poet
When she cries
When she is drowning in despair
When she hides her own pain
In the words of verse
So written with care
Who will help the poet
Who is carefully guarded
So hidden from sight
Does anyone even realize
That this is the reason
That she so desperately writes
Who will help the poet
Who craves those moments of happiness
That only exist from her memories of a bygone past
Who feels that happiness that true happiness
Won’t ever really last
When thinking of that woman she used to be
Who will help the poet
When from herself
She longs to flee
Who will help the poet
Who even bothers to really know her
To see beyond the rhyme
Who even notices that it is she who is hurting
Most of the time