#poetry #amwriting  That beautiful soul named Lisa, a poem for @LisaNEdwards by Tracy Diane Miller

I am an unapologetic loner
So how did it come to be
That a girl who cherishes her solitude
Became a part of social media
With her words for all to see

Navigating through Twitter and Facebook
Social media interactions for others is all the rave
But for me the true purpose of social media
Is to savor the creative talents of those I crave

While my social media time
Has filled me with much regret
There are some people I am happy to know
Through Twitter I feel privileged to have met

I know a beautiful soul named Lisa
Her writing skill kissed by Fate
Who weaves words from the depths of her heart
With characters and plots that readers find great

Can’t Fight Fate
Chasing Butterflies
Seed of A Sunflower
Are the book gems from Lisa’s gifted mind
To invite yourself to enter Lisa’s world
Is that never ending treasure for you to find

This writer
This wife
This mother
This friend
Lisa is a breath of fresh air
To soothe a broken poet
Wrestling with her own despair

I am an unapologetic loner
But to know Lisa
Is to know a lady that I’m grateful to have met
For Lisa represents the best qualities of life
The simple pleasures that we should never forget