Here is a new poem that I just wrote for Jenna Rose Simon based on this incredible self portrait by her. Jenna, you continue to amaze!

#poetry #amwriting Breaking the chains, a poem for @JennaRoseSimon by Tracy Diane Miller
What binds you
What keeps you imprisoned in a cage
What makes your soul bleed
What feeds your rage
What robs you of your voice
What instills you with fear
What makes silence your choice
No more
Breaking the chains
Becomes the hope for you to see
For you become the architect of your destiny
As you say to yourself it is I who define me
My self portrait of truth
I create this hour
Yes I define me
Yes it is I who empower
If my soul bleeds
If my eyes still hold tears
I am full of courage
I will conquer my fears
Breaking the chains
My heart won’t ask
For I define me
I will meet this task