Today would have been Milly’s 4th birthday. She left her family too soon. She lives forever in their hearts. Josephine Neville

Here is a new poem that I just wrote for Milly in honor of her birthday

You live forever in our hearts, a birthday poem for Milly by Tracy Diane Miller

When we think of our sweet Milly
We remember her with a smile
Even as we desperately miss her
And our hearts have mourned her for awhile
Milly now lives in Heaven
Yet in our hearts we keep her home
With our love and thoughts of her
With our devotion that will never roam
Our memories of Milly
Are the gifts that our souls make
Are memories we keep alive
To fill our hours when we are awake
The sound of her laughter
Still strong that we hear
We close our eyes and still feel her touch
Such a beautiful sensation we always keep near
You live forever in our hearts
Our sweet Milly
We will think of you
We will honor you in every way
Even as you now live in Heaven
On Earth we celebrate your birthday
And when we see a chorus of clouds
Soar in the sky as is their mission
Our hearts fill with thoughts of you
Our endless love for you
A most welcomed condition
Yet we will always question Fate
For too soon you went away
And as we go to sleep each night
We find solace knowing that in Heaven we will all be together someday
Happy birthday Milly
We love you and you we miss
We fix our eyes towards Heaven
And to you we send a birthday kiss