Here is a new poem that I just wrote for Toni Basilio. I understand how hard it is to summon the holiday spirit especially when plagued by a difficult year. I pray that 2017 is a better one for you.

Let serenity reign, a poem for Toni Basilio by Tracy Diane Miller

A difficult year
So hard to face
A heart so heavy
And sorrow evades your space
If only the days weren’t angry
Like violent waves to endure
To let serenity reign
Is to bathe in its allure
Can your soul drink in the calm
Can you find the peace you crave
Can sorrow finally leave you
Can life start to behave
To let serenity reign
Is to survive a vengeful storm
And to let hope awaken
With the promise of better moments to form
A poet watches
Silent is she
Then her mind works to write you a verse
With a desire for your happiness for you to see