Here is a new poem that I wrote for everyone who is mourning a loved one who is no longer alive this holiday season.

For my mother, Arlene Miller: There is not a day that I don’t desperately miss you. Until we are together again, you continue to be my hero & inspiration. You guide my Muse in the words that I write. You guide my life from Heaven.

For many of us, this holiday season is a painful reminder of our loved ones in Heaven who are physically no longer with us, but who we carry in our hearts.
#poetry #amwriting In memory of our loved ones in Heaven this holiday season by Tracy Diane Miller
The memories of Christmases past
In our hearts to endear
The sorrow we feel
For loved ones who are no longer here
We don’t think of crowded lines
Or focus on holiday stress
A piece of ourselves are missing
For loved ones we lost who are now at rest
Does holiday music offer
Melodious taunts
As visions of Christmases past
In our minds they do haunt
How will we truly celebrate
How will we find joy to help us thrive
When we are tortured in our grief
Thinking of those we are no longer alive
I want to believe in Heaven
The souls of our loved ones at God’s table
Where they dine
For they live in Paradise
Eternal happiness is theirs to find
In memory of our loved ones in Heaven
This holiday season
Our love and devotion to you will never die
For that’s the reason
In our hearts will burn determinedly
A special and powerful flame
And we will live our lives to celebrate you
With honor in your name