Here is a new poem that I just wrote for Lisa N. Edwards

I’ve reread Lisa N. Edwards book “Can’t Fight Fate” & I’ve cited her work in articles & blog posts I have written this past year.

I’ve questioned Fate on more than one occasion. But Fate has also smiled upon me as well.

#poetry #amwriting The pieces of the puzzle that brought me to you, a poem for Lisa N Edwards
Why do people see Fate as cruel
Is that some unspoken understanding
Interpreted as a rule
Yes Fate makes decisions
We may not understand
Yes Fate insinuates itself upon our lives
With her meddling hand
Yet Fate has also been known
To provide a hopeful smile
And to endow us with her blessings
To sustain us for quite awhile
And those pieces of the puzzle
I know to be true
Have filled my heart with gratitude
As they led me directly to you