#poetry #RIPCarrie #CarrieFisher Sleep well, dear Princess, a poem in honor of Carrie Fisher by Tracy Diane Miller

In a galaxy far far away and long ago
A determined princess battled bravely to drive evil away you know
The actress who breathed life into Leia
Became a role model for generations to see
Has been called home to rest
We bid goodbye to Carrie
Her life was no fairytale
Many struggles she fought
The demons she confronted
Do you know what she taught
She used candor and humor
Resilient and bold
For young girls who watched her
The lesson she told
When life throws roadblocks in your path
And even when you fall
You get up
You rise
You stand proud and tall
The shadows that watch you
So silent are they
You write your own story
Then it is you who will have your say
Perfection is not real
Perfection is an illusion
You taught through your example
This conclusion
Seize the days
The good and the bad
Your legacy will be
This life that you had
For the generations who honor you
Who mourn you this day and weep
Sleep well, dear Princess
Our memories of you to cherish and keep