My Podcast Review: Misunderstood Mary Jane with Nicki Aycox. Chapter 2.
Actress and singer Nicki Aycox gives listeners an insightful and honest look at the medicinal benefits of cannabis in her podcast series Misunderstood Mary Jane with Nicki Aycox.

The first podcast offered an uncensored look at Aycox’s lifelong struggles with anxiety and how traditional medical approaches such as psychiatry and pharmaceuticals were unsuccessful in helping her. Aycox consistently reminds listeners that proper research is the best strategy in uncovering the methodology that would aid in treating anxiety and, in her case, sleep disruption. Like anything, trial and error is to be expected. But I think that overriding message of the podcast is to know your body and to follow your instincts. In the end, you are the best judge of what works for you.

Chapter 2 continues on some of the themes of the previous podcast. Once again, Aycox presents crucial information in an honest and inviting manner. She elaborates on her anxiety disorder and notes the difficulties for someone living with this kind of chemical imbalance. She had relied on a combination of pharmaceuticals and psychiatry. But how effective were these avenues? There is the real possibility of a change in one’s chemical makeup. Further, you have to wean yourself off pharmaceuticals; you can’t just stop cold turkey. The thing is, if one is in search of a euphoric feeling, such a feeling may not happen. Rather, the anxiety could get worse rather than better. Cannabis may be an effective medical alternative for paralyzing anxiety, yet one might find oneself pondering whether to explore this option when there is a fear of societal judgment due to cannabis use. These are important and real concerns. Should we sacrifice our mental and physical wellbeing just because we are afraid of society’s labels?

Remember at the outset of her first podcast, Aycox vowed to not censor herself. In my opinion, that warrants respect because she is giving listeners an honest podcast experience. This is most evident as she delves into Chapter 2, particularly in examining the anxiety she felt within the entertainment industry. For outsiders, we view Hollywood success through rose colored glasses. We see the fame, the fortune and the adoration. Who wouldn’t want that? However, there is a superficiality to the entertainment industry that Aycox was made painfully aware. What happens to the actress (who I consider an artist entrusted with bringing a scriptwriter’s vision to life) when the media is more concerned with whether she is carrying a designer handbag rather than the emotional demands of the scene? You will want to hear Nicki Aycox’s response to this.

Chapter 2 of Misunderstood Mary Jane with Nicki Aycox is a must hear podcast.