My Podcast Review: Misunderstood Mary Jane with Nicki Aycox. Prelude & Chapter 1.

Nicki Aycox is a film and television veteran who has amassed a substantial acting resume over her two decades in Hollywood. For fans of The CW’s longest running show, Supernatural, Aycox amazed us with her chilling performances as Meg Masters, a role she originated in 2005. She last appeared on Supernatural in 2008, but viewers continue to fondly remember her stellar work.

On August 28, 2015, Nicki Aycox let us in on a secret: she is an impressive musical talent. This secret was no longer hidden when she released her wonderfully titled indie EP “Red Velvet Room”. Songs like “My Secret”, “Johnny” and “Charcoal Rain” that framed this eclectic lyrical and melodious narrative are well-served by Aycox’s powerful, haunting and memorable vocals. There is strength to Aycox’s delivery that enables her to cement a kinship with listeners. She is unapologetically authentic and vulnerable. In a society that seems to cater to falsehoods and illusions, we appreciate that Aycox is willing to be herself.

This real and honest artist once again shares much of herself in a new endeavor, a podcast devoted to a discussion of medical marijuana as a means of assisting with debilitating anxiety in “Misunderstood Mary Jane: The intimate raw truth behind my alternative medication use.”

Let me preface this review by a true confession. I know nothing about the medical use of marijuana. I am a lifelong non smoker so I never considered marijuana as something that would offer any benefit. But I pride myself in admitting my ignorance on various topics and my willingness to become educated.

I didn’t know that marijuana was referred to as “MaryJane” so I entered this podcast with a completely open mind. This is a weighty subject that may not be appropriate for minors. For adults, I would invite you to give this podcast a listen.

Nicki Aycox approaches this topic with both insight and honesty. One can quickly surmise that she is well researched on this area. Coupled with her personal reflections, this podcast is marvelously presented. Aycox isn’t championing the irresponsible use of marijuana, which she refers to throughout this podcast as cannabis. Irresponsibility leads to societal chaos. What I found worth noting is that Aycox states that the recreational use of alcohol can lead to deadlier consequences. The crux of her podcast is that benefit of proper research is that it affords informed decision-making.

As Aycox explains, the use of cannabis when prescribed medically assists with pain management as well as anxiety. I was particularly struck by her courage in sharing very personal details about her struggles with high functioning anxiety. Even before listening to this podcast, I suspected that Nicki Aycox is an overachiever. Being an overachiever is both a blessing and a curse. The tangible advantage is that one can set a path towards accomplishments. However, the downside is that the overachiever is often her worst critic. She never feels that she is good enough so there is a tendency to be unkind to herself. Aycox doesn’t sugarcoat this fact as she shares her personal stories. High functioning anxiety and sleep deprivation are a lethal combination. In addition, the constant fear that failure is the harbinger of something bad waiting in the wings clearly is detrimental to one’s well being. Aycox states how there is another side to cannabis that people may be unaware. She tells how this other side is comfortably spiritual in that it brings you to a kinder, gentler place with yourself and others.

I don’t want to go into too much detail about the podcast because I think people should take the time to give it a listen. When a podcast tackles a heavy subject with candor, intelligence, sensitivity and honesty, it merits my recommendation. This podcast provides a generous serving of all of these ingredients. I applaud Nicki Aycox on an informative and well presented podcast.

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