#RIPDebbieReynolds #poetry Another flame has been extinguished, a poem in honor of Debbie Reynolds by Tracy Diane Miller

Another flame has been extinguished
Gone is a glorious light
The world mourns Debbie Reynolds
Grief blankets this night
How can we not be angry
Through our shock we are still
How can we not be so angry
That we question God’s will
Her movie legacy
We all wanted to Sing in the Rain
Yet we are so angry
Even as a new angel Heaven has now gained
Just yesterday we thought of Debbie
Her Carrie she lost
2016 has taken so much
We can’t afford this cost
For Todd
For Billie
We can’t imagine their despair
As the pain in their hearts
To lose the people they care
If there is small solace
In this mountain of sorrow
Is that Carrie and Debbie are in Heaven together
To hold each other from now and tomorrow