December 31st is Natalie’s birthday. Here is a new birthday poem that I just wrote in honor of her special day.

#HappyBirthdayNatalie #poetry #amwriting You have come so far, a birthday poem for Natalie by Tracy Diane Miller

How often do you think of the girl
That you used to be
Whose life had been a part of doubt and sorrow
Whose eyes were flooded by tears
Who couldn’t see the possibilities in tomorrow
That girl perhaps alone and restless
Writing and music became her companions and her art
But hope didn’t forsake her
As it looked inside her heart
You have come so far
You have achieved so much
Be proud of Natalie
Be proud of you
Be proud of the road you have taken
Be proud of your strength that has seen you through
You have come so far
You have discovered light where darkness once stole your gaze
The dizziness and confusion of a tortured past that left you in a haze
Yet you refused to give up
You neither waved a white flag nor accepted defeat
Instead you summoned courage
To face any difficulty that you might meet
You have come so far
Let your heart smile
Then rejoice at who you are
Because to be proud of you
Is to acknowledge that you have come so far
Take a moment to be proud of you
For you inspire so many in every way
As an outpouring of well wishes become yours to savor
On this your birthday