Jennifer Stewart explores her evolution as a poet & the result is remarkable by Tracy Diane Miller
I have enjoyed a fulfilling relationship with books for over forty years. As a child in the early 1970s, my mother often bought me books. With an already fertile imagination, I could happily escape within the pages. This relationship worked well for me because I wasn’t a child who liked participating in sports. Rather than running around, I preferred to run my ideas alongside those contained in the pages of a book. Gratefully, this wasn’t a quick dalliance or an unrequited fiasco: My love for books has endured through this day.

I write countless book reviews as a contributing writer for The Nerdy Girl Express. While I have read many famous authors over the years and been enamored of their work, I have also longed to explore the writings of indie authors. The self publication world often goes unrecognized by the media. I suppose there is a mistaken assumption on the part of some people who believe that if you’re an indie author that must mean that you weren’t good enough to be signed to a traditional publishing contract. There are many reasons why an author decides to go the self publication route, yet I submit that lack of talent isn’t one of them. I have been fortunate to read and review numerous indie books over the years. These indie authors are the gold standard; they invest their hearts and souls in their writing. Sadly, the mainstream accolades and the financial rewards may not be theirs. But if the crucial point of writing is to create, these authors are a success in the truest sense of the word.

I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing “The Evolution of A Poet” by indie author Jennifer Stewart. I confess that I have been a poetry aficionado since childhood. As a child, my days were occupied by the likes of Shakespeare, Browning, Dickinson, Frost and Yeats. I have reread these poetic masters over the years. However, I also actively seek unknown indie poets. Stewart is an unknown indie poet who deserves to be read and recognized.

Stewart’s “The Evolution of A Poet” is a true evolution of creative excellence. She is honest in laying bare her struggles with mental illness and the dark places she has been. Her poetry, perhaps, allows her to heal. Certainly her words help others who might be similarly situated receive understanding. And for someone who is afraid to speak out about his or her struggles for fear of stigma, Stewart’s soul has written the poetic words, the roadmap if you will, to guide you in your own journey.

Stewart uses nature as a backdrop; faith, hope, trust, forgiveness and love are also prevailing themes in this journey. In addition, Stewart asks difficult questions about life and our place in this universe. Poetic repetition becomes the literary tool she employs to strengthen her message. As readers, we witness the beautiful evolution of a courageous woman. Her evolution as a poet is remarkable. I suspect, though, that Stewart will continue on this path of evolution. Life, after all, is a journey of evolution. We live, we grow, we experience, we create. Isn’t that the whole point?

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