@aycox_fans My review of @RealNickiAycox ‘s Misunderstood Mary Jane Introductory Podcast on YouTube by Tracy Diane Miller


“Misunderstood Mary Jane isn’t just about marijuana . It is about all of those moments in our lives when we felt misunderstood in this world of misunderstanding.”

Nicki Aycox

Actress and musician Nicki Aycox offers a raw and intimate look at the benefits of medicinal marijuana in her ongoing podcast series, Misunderstood Mary Jane. In this introduction You Tube video, Aycox provides viewers with an unscripted conversation on a subject that is very personal to her.

After years of suffering from high functioning anxiety and sleep disruption (such as insomnia and night terrors) as well as psychiatric consultations and pharmaceuticals, Aycox thoroughly researched the advantages of medicinal marijuana. She admits to initial skepticism, yet she also notes that her careful research enables her to make informed and responsible choices.

Another wonderful thing about Aycox’s approach is that she cautions to “understand your topic fully before making an argument” and to “debate with compassion and kindness”. These points are important and can’t be emphasized enough. I appreciate that Aycox has tackled a weighty and controversial subject from this vein. She shares how her being on film and television sets at an early age (starting from when she was nineteen years old) and dealing with high functioning anxiety caused her to feel misunderstood. In addition, Aycox is candid in her remarks about how the entertainment industry treats women and perpetuates a “smoke and mirrors” view of women that is an illusion.