Here is a new poem that I just wrote in memory of Scott Allen:

Every time Arlene Allen shares her beautiful memories of her husband Scott she lets those of us who didn’t have the pleasure of meeting him get to know him. Arlene lets Scott’s legacy be a part of our experience. Thanks so much, Arlene!

#poetry #amwriting Let the memory live again, a poem in memory of Scott Allen by Tracy Diane Miller
I searched my mind through a closet of memories
And with gratitude
What did I see
A very special picture
A moment with you and me
That image of us so frozen in time
To make my heart smile
A moment with you and me
I haven’t revisited in quite awhile
These years without you
Have filled me with sorrow
Have left me very cold
So to welcome the warmest memories of you
Is my greatest blessing to behold
Each day Scott I carry you
Each day my thoughts of you I greet
Until that day I see you again in Heaven
When our hearts shall once again meet