JB Coffman is The Beauty of Strength by Tracy Diane Miller

I’ve been fortunate to know some beautiful people in my life. These people aren’t the ones you see in magazines, worshipped by millions who have accepted the Hollywood standard of beauty as a gospel of life. No, these are the people whose beauty radiate from their strength. They looked into the face of adversity, fear and doubt and have recognized courage that could have easily remained hidden within their souls.

My mother had this beauty of strength. Rather than accept societal stereotypes of inferiority or succumb to anger or defeat, she encouraged her children to strive towards education. My mother taught me that poverty is a burden but it doesn’t have to define who you are. Because of her encouragement (and God’s grace), I was able to graduate from college and law school. She passed away from cancer May 10, 2005 at the age of 80. Yet, she is still my guiding force. Her lessons enabled me to leave my legal career behind and pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a full-time writer in 2016 at fifty-one years old.

It was through my writing that I was able to meet others who showed this beauty of strength. I’m a writer and one of the happiest moments of my life came in 2016 when I began publishing my books. I’m also a book reviewer for The Nerdy Girl Express where I happily devour many genres. Being a book reviewer is how I allow myself to appreciate and also understand other authors’ own journeys through life. We all fight courageous battles in life. And some of us find the courage to write about these battles.

This brings me to JB Coffman. If you haven’t done so, I encourage you to read her book “Roote 66.” This well-written fictional gem is an honest and often painfully raw look at life. Evan Brom (Ev) and Lorraine Addison (Rainey) could easily be anyone we know. Their experiences could easily be our own. As importantly, Roote 66 clearly embraces the beauty of strength.

Yet, Coffman takes it a step further truly inviting us to find the beauty of strength in her piece “The Elephant on my Head.” I don’t want to explain more about this piece, but I will say that Coffman revealed the beauty of strength in a subject that face many women. Her writing talent is unquestioned. I found “The Elephant on my Head” so moving. I applaud Coffman’s courage in writing this.

The beauty of JB Coffman’s strength is a gift to witness.
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