#amwriting  I continue to be extremely grateful that I live a writer’s life by Tracy Diane Miller
I live a writer’s life. I write & I publish poetry books. I will be publishing my first novel at the end of this year. I write articles. I write personal essays.

I live a writer’s life. What that means to me is that my imagination & my words are my daily companions. My emotions argue for recognition so I dress them in my words.

Anxiety & depression often interfere with my writer’s life. Then I have to desperately try to remember to be grateful that God has enabled me to live a writer’s life. God allowed me to live my writing dream after traveling upon another road for far too long.

Today, a big part of my gratitude prayer is that I got to mail some more autographed copies of some of my poetry books. Of course, I also find deeper meaning in the fact that I got to mail my first & last published poetry books of 2016 (My Secret has beautiful wings: A collection of poetry for Nicki Aycox & Must Give Us Pause: Selected poems by Tracy Miller).

I continue to be grateful to my twin sister Stacy who is my “unofficial publicist”; she promotes my books as well as finds writing opportunities for me. My twin, my best friend & my publicist…having Stacy means that I am wealthy in life’s blessings.

I live a writer’s life. And I can’t thank God enough for that!