Every day I write poetry. Every day I #AlwaysKeepFighting .

#amwriting #poetry I have lived my life feeling different, a poem by Tracy Diane Miller

I have lived my life feeling different
It may seem as though I thrive within my own shell
For most days I prefer to be alone
To protect my heart as well
It is not as if I have not tried to reach out
Yet sadly the results have always been the same
When others seek to wield words of pain
With a goal to drown my spirit like punishing rain
Because I have lived my life feeling different
I am just different in a world that won’t behave
Yet there are only a few people who take the time to really listen
To understand what I so desperately crave
Don’t look at me and want me to be like others
Then try to mold me into what is best for you
For I am me and I bleed and I hurt
Yet you look at me and still you have no clue
I have taken the time to listen to you
Not to talk because I listened
I understood my quiet was where you needed to begin
But even in my quiet I hurt too
Then I discovered to my chagrin
I have lived my life feeling different
My feelings are what others so willingly dismiss
So everyday I write poetry
Allowing the words to shine in a dark abyss