#poetry #amwriting My shadow knows a secret, a poem by Tracy Diane Miller

My shadow knows a secret
For which she now will tell
Of the pain that so often consumes me
In my soul where it dwells

Yet I have something I choose to offer
A sea of poetic words
With its ebb and flow through cyberspace
Where compassion may be heard

I am the girl who writes poetry
I am the girl who many refuse to see
But there is always a poem in my heart
To sustain me regardless of how difficult life may be

I am the girl who writes poetry
I connect with those in pain
With each verse I write I seek to weave hope
To drown sorrow’s refrain

Because when you thread compassion with the fabric of your heart
Perhaps in those moments when you are in despair
The emptiness you feel will lessen
If you can see that there are people who care

To see a garden of dreams
To water the seeds with love
So that compassion might always flourish
With smiles from Heaven above

To not forgot the child
To speak with a loving voice
To know that when there is cruelty in the world
Compassion remains the ultimate choice

Yes fear reaches out through a curtain of change
But compassion is an embracing host
Reject the actions and words of hate
And never abandon those who need us the most