I have been asked: How come you never use punctuation in your poetry?

The answer: I do.

Then I realize that I have never shared on social media one of my poems with punctuation.

My poetic style is unconventional. I feel. I write. The emotions find the words without help from me.

Here is one of my poems with punctuation. Actually, this is a portion of a single poem that I have written that is quite lengthy (10 pages).
#amwriting #poetry In my solitude where I feel alive, a poem by Tracy Diane Miller

I’ve spent alot of time in solitude, thinking and reflecting upon the chapters of my life: a prologue of me written before I was born;
Subsequent pages composed by God, my mother, my twin sister and then me.

An evolving story that has come to be.

I’ve watched, I’ve smiled, I’ve grieved;
For my life has been both a comedy and a tragedy combined into one.

I’ve failed, I’ve fallen;
I’ve succeeded, I’ve gotten back up.

Every single time, that life has knocked me down
Yet, whenever I have opened a page of my life, do you know what I have found?

Compassion and Gratitude;
Not skulking, but generously extending to me a selfless hand.

Then a Muse to give me a poetic voice,
So that I may understand.

That there is no better way for me to spend my days of solitude then to feel and to write;
Because to my absolute delight.

In my solitude, where I am at my most happiest;
Where my past memories fight through my fears and through my tears
Is where I thrive,
I write a poem to feel alive.

You don’t have to understand me;
You don’t even have to see me because I know that I will be okay.

For that essence of me, that is always wrapped in the truth of a poem;
I will convey.