In addition to writing endless book reviews & articles, many people know that I also like to pay poetic tribute to the books that I enjoy . Here is a new poem that I just wrote in honor of author JB Coffman’s book Roote 66:

#amwriting #poetry My poetic interpretation of #Roote66 by @JoBelleCee

I thought that I had my life all figured out
Sure, there was that endless stretch of road
Along Route 66, that vast potential for me to explore
With my little girl Brit, who I so adored.

I still see her: her beautiful optimism
Quiet yet inquisitive, a girl with a radiating smile
I’ll carry her in my heart
For a very long while

That double-edged sword of my memories
Beautiful and torturous all the same
Along Route 66, I awake to a new beginning
The hand I play in life’s game

I am Evan Brom
And if there is indeed a Yellow Rose of my native Texas
That I may allow my hand to touch
With an avalanche of good and bad moments to proceed at a rush

Along Route 66, perhaps my destiny will wait
Am I afraid?
Is that why I hesitate?