@feliciaday #amwriting #poetry  Calliope Maeve, a poem by Tracy Diane Miller
What’s in a name?
For we know this question is one that Shakespeare did ask;
And we know that naming a child is one of a parent’s most thoughtful task.

Sweet Calliope Maeve
A first name from the goddess of epic poetry
That Muse who permits words and emotions to waltz as they create verse from the heart
As Voltaire noted, Poetry is that music of the soul

Sweet Calliope Maeve
For you are the miracle of life
Your birth and your destiny
With splendor to behold
What stories from your soul will someday be told?

You are loved and you are nurtured
You are already dressed in compassion, courtesy of your mother
You will walk a journey, recognizing and respecting the rights of others.

Sweet Calliope Maeve
You will see a world of chaos and confusion
Yet, don’t be afraid; don’t give your heart to fear
Compassion and hope remain steadfast, to endear

Every sun that rises
Every moon will awake from a daily sleep
To guide your steps with promises to keep

And you will find your path
And you will dismiss anger and wrath

You are loved and you are nurtured
Before too long
You will lean on a resilient spirit
To learn that you are strong

For now though: breathe and sleep
In your mother’s arms,
For she protects you from all harm.