#amwriting #poetry  About Rainey, my poetic interpretation of Roote 66 by @JoBelleCee

What promises are whispered by nameless phantoms
into the wind?
Route 66 is privy to all secrets: yet, this stretch of highway says nothing, won’t judge you for your past.
For Route 66 is a harbinger of opportunity;
With the blessing of a new life to last.

I should know.

My name is Lorraine Addison
But most people call me Rainey.
From Route 66 to a diner named Maxie’s, is where life for me had led,
Perhaps the demons of my past, to survive, I fled.

Maxie’s is where I belong;
My home is The Bend.
The funny thing?
Because of Route 66, I found that essence of me in the end.

I’ve made mistakes
I’ve struggled to love that face in the mirror, that face who is me
But Fate had her answers
As I soon would see.

Into my life walked Evan Brom
This tall, gorgeous Texan
A much younger man
Wearing the scars of tragedy, I would come to understand

As unlikely as it seemed
We became kindred spirits
Ev and me
Fate is mischievous; I now see

I’m Rainey
I have my own scars
Thankfully Route 66 brought me to The Bend
On my own journey through life, my road so far