@aycox_fans  My review of Misunderstood Meri Jane, Episode 4 with @RealNickiAycox

Actress and musician Nicki Aycox has relied upon an honest, unscripted discussion as her approach to a beneficial and informative look at the advantages of medicinal marijuana in her continuing podcast series, Misunderstood Meri Jane.

In Episode 1, Aycox laid the groundwork by introducing listeners to how medicinal marijuana became a welcomed remedy after her many unsuccessful years pursuing pharmaceuticals and psychiatry to deal with her crippling high functioning anxiety. Episode 2 expanded on some of the themes of Episode 1 and also highlighted the quagmire that is the Hollywood entertainment industry, a burden that subjects actresses to unrealistic expectations regarding body image. For the person suffering from high functioning anxiety, such a burden becomes an even heavier weight to negotiate. Episode 3 focused on homeostasis, that union of body and mind that leads one to achieve a more balanced and healthier life. In Episode 3, Aycox (again in that refreshingly candid manner that is her trademark in these podcasts) broached the question of what constitutes a reasonable exercise routine and how her commitment to Facebook stymied her creative energy.

This current installment, Episode 4, addresses how marijuana is a natural way of medicating oneself against such serious conditions as Parkinson’s disease according to research and scientists. Aycox reveals some of the arguments advanced by opponents of marijuana as a medicinal remedy. As she has stated numerous times throughout the various podcasts, to fully and appropriately argue a particular position, one must be willing to engage in thorough research. Arguments, I would submit, stand on predictably shaky footing without the solid foundation that effective research provides. Additionally, Aycox reminds us how crucial it is to debate with compassion; yet compassion can often be tested when someone comes into a debate unprepared or with hostility. I am in full agreement with Aycox on this front: in this age of the Internet where information is readily accessible, there is really no excuse for inadequate preparation prior to debating a topic. Inadequate preparation is akin to laziness and irresponsibility.

Further, Aycox notes that researchers acknowledge the benefits of medicinal marijuana as a natural remedy because it complements our bodies’ physiology. Again, there is the question of promoting homeostasis in the human body.

Misunderstood Meri Jane, Episode 4, builds upon the framework of the prior installments. I would also add that Aycox’s anger during various parts of this episode reflects her passionate plea for us to stay informed, to be willing to open up our minds to possibilities. Thorough research is the lifeblood of the most effective arguments. It becomes beholden upon us to broach any subject first by educating our minds.